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USB audio interface | stereo DI Box | testtone generator

The ml:1 offers everything you need for high quality audio playback in a single, rugged device: Plug & play USB audio interface, high quality stereo DI box and standalone test tone generator. Perfect for live jobs. Indispensable on the road.



live audio interface

The ml:1 is a platform independent USB playback device with digital (AES/EBU) and analog outputs. No need to install any additional drivers - go live in seconds.

passive stereo DI

Never worry about sub-par signal quality. The ml:1 uses low distortion signal transformers for electric isolation to guarantee a 100% hum-free signal.

test tone generator

Testing the lines with no suitable sound-source available? No problem with the ml:1! A multitone provided by a stand-alone test tone generator lets you complete a reasonable sound check even without an established USB connection or phantom power.

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